The Indianapolis 500 is today! While I typically am not a big racing fan, I grew up in Indiana and always listened to the 500 on the radio. Now, I’m listening on tunein radio and, when I was in my car, it is on 107.5 FM in Indy and the surrounding area. A lot has changed but it’s basically still a 200 lap race. Lol!
I think the first 20 laps are done with already, so less than 90% of the way to go. Will post more as the race continues. Will Power has now taken the lead.
Winning the 500 sure isn’t easy. I know I always like it when some unknown rookie wins the race. That’s always fun. Plus, it’s always interesting when somebody from the back of the race pulls all the way into the lead, during the last quarter of the race and ends up winning it. What’s your favorite way for a driver to win the race?
Marco Andretti is now in the lead by, like, 15 car lengths. One never knows what’s going to happen.
I’m sure there are many pics and videos posted of this race already but this video shows the start of the race.
Ryan Hunter-Reay wins the Indy 500!